Pet Personal
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 Your Pet is Special! 

Now, you can have a wonderful book full of photos, stories and memories... all about
that unique member of your family.

A Pet Personal History is fun to create, read and share with family and friends. Best of all, it's easy and affordable.

Click here to see sample books (Adobe Reader required - click here to download).

Dog book 

Horse book

Dog and cat book

Cat book

How Do We Create Pet Personal Histories?

  • An experienced 
    personal historian will
    work with you.
  • We will interview you about your pet, using carefully prepared questions.
  • You'll be able to add
    any other details you wish.
  • Your kids can insert drawings or stories in their own handwriting.
  • You provide digital photos or prints of your pet, which we'll edit, crop, and color correct.
  • We will give you a choice of sizes, formats and covers for your book.
  • You can update your book whenever you like.
  • You can order as many copies as you want - any time.
Pet Personal Histories was started by a professional writer/personal historian who loves pets. We also have years of expertise in book design and production. Let us create the perfect memento of your very special friend, for you and your family to cherish forever! 
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